How to Dress Your Child for Daycare - How to Dress Your Child for DaycareThe tips below will help you choose the appropriate clothing for your child to wear at daycare center.
1. Label the Clothing.
Labeling clothing will prevent a confusing situation when another child will walk off in your child's clothing. Should this happen it would be easier to have it back. In addition to labeling outerwear consider labeling all the clothing your child might take off during the day (a sweater or sweatshirt).
2. Dress your child according to the weather.
Every day (except severe weather conditions) the children play outdoor so make sure you dress your child in the weather appropriate clothing.
3. Focus on Comfort.
The clothing your child wears at daycare should fit and be comfortable so that he or she would be able to get the most out of his day. If your child's pants are too loose and he keeps pulling them up, he will hardly enjoy all the fun activities and play.
4. Bring an Extra Outfit.
If your child attends a full-day care programs you will be asked to bring an extra set of clothing. Kids may get messy during meal time, when playing outdoors or doing art projects so an additional set of child's clothing on hand is convenient for the child care workers and will add a great deal of comfort to the child.
5. Clothing with a Safety Risk.
Some types of clothing may be hazardous for your child or other children at the daycare. Clothing with hanging strings or cords pose safety risks. Also, don't dress your child in clothing with small beads or pieces which could fall off and may represent a choking hazard to younger kids.
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