Crafts & Art Projects for Toddlers - Crafts & Art Projects for ToddlersToddler crafts and art ideas can be fun to do, bring lots of happiness and help young kids develop useful skills. Try these 5 ideas for tons of toddler fun and craftiness!
Rice Art
1. Take 1 cup of rice and put it into a Ziploc bag, then add 3 tablespoons of vinegar.
2. Add several drops of food coloring and seal the bag tightly. Smash the bag all around so the color transfers to the rice evenly. Let the rice sit for a few minutes in their bags.
3. Pour each color into its own tray to dry overnight and make the smell of vinegar disappear.
4. Use some cardboard as paper as this project requires a lot of glue.
5. Let the kid glue the cardboard and create images using colorful rice. You may suggest what to create or let the kid express creativity and make whatever he or she wants.
6. Dump the excess rice into the tray between colors.
Straw-Threaded Shoestring Necklace
1. Take straws or dry pasta noodles instead of straws.
2. Take a shoelace and make the knot at the end to make sure the straws don't slide off.
3. Let the kid cut straws into pieces, big and little.
4. Ask the kid to thread away.
5. As soon as the shoestring is full, tie it off in a knot. - Crafts & Art Projects Shamrock Window Craft for St Patrick's Day
1. Lay out a piece of contact paper, sticky side up.
2. Ask the kid to add gold glitter and lots of green.
3. Rip off lots of green tissue paper and let the kid arrange it on the contact paper.
4. Your kid may add more glitter.
5. When your collage is finished, cover it with another piece of contact paper and smash together flat.
6. Finally cut out shamrocks.
Abstract Valentine's Day Art Project!
1. Take an empty toilet paper roll and crease it in the down the side (the long way) to make a point and then crease the other side of it inward to make it a heart shape.
2. Dip in the end of it in red, pink, or purple paint.
3. Then just stamp on the dipped end onto a piece of paper.
4. Let your toddler just stamp away.
5. Place the art project in a scrapbook frame for the finished look.
Egg Carton Train
1. Cut apart the egg carton into the individual egg pieces.
2. Punched two holes one on each (opposite) side.
3. Ask the kid to stick the pipe cleaners through the holes to create a train. This is a fine motor activity that requires a great deal of concentration.
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